Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Makes me want to SCREAM!

This is a major vent from today and I am not in a good mood so sorry if this offends.

Today we took the kids to this placed like is like a glorified McDonalds playland. It is a huge with a carousel and the kids love going there. Every time I go I tell myself I will not go back there again. I get so frustrated. Well I went back today with the same feelings...I'm never going back there again. J tells me I need to be more outspoken and in these moms faces about what is going on but that is just not my personality. Needless to say, Monkey had a really good life lesson today. He was building a castle with another little girl and I was gone for a minute and when I got back he was yelling at these two kids, "PLEASE Stop recking my castle. Stop I was making something." I stepped in and asked what was wrong and he burst into tears. I asked what happened and he told me those kids ruined the castle that he was making. Which when I walked in I saw them kicking at it. As soon as I got there the kids stopped and left, even though their mothers where standing right there. That's the part that bugs me. I told Monkey I would help him make another castle and we played and I ended up making a big pile of the soft blocks and threw him into them. As we were playing one of the "mean" I should really say unsupervised kids threw a ball and starts screaming for someone to get it for him. Monkey ran over and got it. I was thinking what a good kid he is going to be nice even though they weren't nice to him. I was wrong. He just held on to the ball. So the other kid that was part of the destruction of Monkey's castle comes over to him and tries to get the ball from him. She was jumping on him and swatting at the ball. I call him over to me again and ask him if he is holding the ball because they were mean to him. Of course, he says yes. That is such human nature (revenge) but I asked him if that would be what God would want him to do. He said, no. Then I asked him what he thinks the right thing to do would be. He said go give the ball to him. I said yes and you know what you don't even have to say anything but hand it to him. He gave it to him. That was a small trial for Monkey but he learned a huge lesson. We have a choice to be nice or mean. About 20 minutes later these same moms still weren't paying attention and one of their kids hit Red. Well my protective daughter GlamorGirl was standing right there and told the kid not to hit Red so he started hitting her. She pulled Red out of that situation and came right to me. I was there watching and it happened so fast that GG took care of it before I could get there. The mom noticed what was going on...how could you not when two kids are crying pointing at your child saying they hit them. She made her son apologize then put him in time out. After about a minute this mother calls her son over and ASKS him, yes she asked him, do you think your time should be over? Wow, now I know why her kids are like that. I'm sure this is just a small look into her life and maybe it was just a bad day for them but it seems like every time we go there the moms are somewhere else. My kids aren't the only ones to get hurt by these unsupervised kids, either. J tells me I should of said to the mothers, "Do you mind watching your kids so they aren't hurting others." That is way to confrontational for me. J always handles stuff like this way better.


Pottymomma said...

I feel your frustration! That stuff makes me soooo angry, yet I have the hardest time speaking up too. Makes you proud of your kids, though, to see them modelling good behavior for the other children. I especially like the part about Brae getting Tanner out of the dangerous situation. That reminds me of Carlie and Harrison. These things suck, but it really gives you a great opportunity to talk to your kids about why your family behaves the way you do and even get into the parenting part of it, too (at their level). I try to remind myself often that I am raising future parents.

Tonya said...

Brae has always been quite the little mommy it sometimes just plain drives me CRAZY :) But at other times it is super awesome like today!