Saturday, November 18, 2006

We have Sickies

GlamorGirl and Monkey have taken turns throwing up. GG has gone in the toilet and Monkey made it once in the toilet and half in his bed and half in the toilet per J running him into the bathroom at 5am this morning. J took Red to the store this morning and I am here with the sickies! It is ok with me because I was able to get all my laundry done that has started to pile up because when you come home from vacation with a weeks worth of clothes to clean plus, the clothes you wear everyday, added with puked on items (blankets and pillows etc) it piles up FAST! I am really hoping that Red doesn't get it because he will just spew where ever he is and that is no fun. I could handle Monkey's few drops on the bed and floor, even though his bedding had to be washed. So pray that my little man doesn't get what they've got. I have to look at it on the bright side they got sick during Thanksgiving Break so they don't have to miss school.

We have been pretty busy, J took his sister driving last night she just got her permit and I guess I am suppose to take her tomorrow. So far everyone that has driven with her has had a near death experience so we'll see how tomorrow goes! We took the kids to the school's basketball game last night and they lost that was a bummer but we had fun cheering them on. There was a megaphone there and Monkey was screaming different things into it that made us laugh. He said things like, "I'm watching you guys" "Play better" and "Go C. L. A. Go" He was having fun and we were getting a good laugh!

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