Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our Day

This morning we got up and went bowling with the kids. The last time we went we got 4 free games so we used them today. To bad the shoes weren't free! We have been talking about getting some shoes for J and I so that when we want to go we don't spend so much money. When we got home J had the kids outside doing leaves and hanging the lights around the house. I went to go get my massage...and now I am sore, but at least I'm not tight! It felt very good and was very needed. After lunch and J let the kids play while Red took his nap and I did a few more pages of the scrapbook. I really want to get it done so that we can show people the pictures of our vacation, without getting smudges all over the pictures. When Red got up we went to the library for about an hour and a half. Came home kids watched tv while I did some more scrapbooking and then we ate dinner and my friend Amy came over. She helped me get some better pictures of Red for his 18 month shots. These are the ones that I really like...

Then we put the kids to bed and hung out talking. She hasn't come over in such a long time that we talked until 9:40, we were both yawning so bad that she left so she could go home and to bed. She is coming with us tomorrow to my dad's for Thanksgiving so that should be fun. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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