Monday, November 20, 2006

First Day of Break

Wow was it a busy one! We did all the normal Monday things, grocery shopping and gymnastics. But we added getting Red's 18 month pictures taken. Which I decided I wanted to try doing myself. I think I got 3 good shots but I am still wanting one more really good smile shot so I'm going to try one more time before bed :) Speaking of Red, I completely forgot to tell everyone that he says, "I love you" which sounds more like I wove oooo. He started saying it while we were at Disney, go figure! After taking pictures GG and I started doing our Disney Scrapbook together. She is really excited about doing this with me and I am a little nervous about it not being prefect.(I really need to get over that fast!) So I have been taking deep breathes and remembering that this is something that we are going to look back at and know that we did it together mistakes and all. We got the first page done and there are a few smudges and I'm ok with that. Tonight the kids are planning on watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special. Well that is all I feel like updating...maybe some pictures tomorrow?!?!

Oh Yeah I have to mention that Gold Canyon Candles ROCK. I love them so much. They smell so good and burn even all the way down the candle and last a long time. The best candles I have ever had and I *will not* buy any other kind.

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