Friday, December 22, 2006

Family and Friends

This morning J left the house at 9am and at noon he still wasn't back and I was worried I wouldn't get to see him before he had to go to work at 2pm. Well he got home shortly after those thoughts and then his brother Joe, Virginia and Isaac showed up. J called work and asked for a few hours off and he got them! Then two more friends came over and our house was full and fun. The kids were loving the "party" as they called it. Then my dad and Roberta came over and a few people left. We ordered pizza and hung out with my parents and Amy until about 7pm when my parents left for the movies then Monica came over and it was Amy, Monica and me with the kids. We put the kids to bed at 9pm...way too late considering what we have going on tomorrow but hey it's Christmas break! Monica just left and I'm alone with the sleeping babes. I'm going to go to bed so that I am ready for some more family and friends tomorrow!!! Sorry it is a boring update but I am EXTREMELY tired.

Oh one more thing...Red has learned a new trick/skill however you might not want to know about it! He can burp on command...yes I said BURP. It is too funny and so incredibly cute!

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