Monday, December 04, 2006

Graduation Pictures!

GlamorGirl is having her picture taken tomorrow for graduation. She got her cap and gown today at school. This would be cool except that she woke up this morning with purple under her eye now! It just keeps getting worse looking. She is going to need some serious make-up. I just found out they don't do re-takes either...bummer. Well I guess we are going to practice tonight hiding it with make-up so we'll have an idea of how she will look tomorrow. Today when I picked the kids up we went to the cafeteria and GG got her picture taken with Lexi (a sophomore) who was also in a sledding accident. They both got hurt on/near their eye. They did a gangsta picture and then a sad picture, but GG kept laughing! Pictures were as cute as they could be with two banged up people!!!

Oh in other news...J and I got the kids their big gift today and we saved $20 we were so excited or at least I was :) We bought them an outside picnic table that holds 8 kids! This summer should be fun, once J gets the ground leveled behind the garage our neighbors are giving us their swing set. I am also working on J with getting a fence put back up but he likes the openness of our yard right now. We'll see what the summer will bring.

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