Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Can't think of anything better...

to do after spending lunch and most of the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese then come home and sing praise songs! This guitar was J's birthday present last year and he started lessons in Sept 06. J and the kids had fun recording these songs. I hope you enjoy!

This is them singing Lord I lift your name on High!

singing Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

singing My Life is in You Lord. I maybe biased but I think they all did AWESOME :)


sarahgrace said...

Aw. Precious!
My dad plays the guitar, and some of my most treasured memories are singing with him on worship teams, while camping, at home and just listening to him play. My hubby, myself and the rest of my family have been trying to get him to record his licks for a while now. :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That was great!

Lord I Lift Your Name on High is one of our family's favorite songs!
Do you know the little hand motions? We learned them a few years back at VBS. I have this song on my Ipod and we will be driving down the road, singing our hearts out and doing the motions! :)


Tonya said...

Yeah I know the hand motions! I used to do them all the time in High School youth group but for some reason I have never thought to teach the kids them...I think I might just have to do that :)

Doorkeeper said...

They are all sooo good. I don't think you are just biased! But I had to cut each one short cuz I was crying so much! Just too sweet and so touching that these kids are singing praise to the Lord at the top of their lungs led by their Daddy. Praise the Lord!! Oh, that every home in the world knew this blessing!

Thanks for sharing. These are priceless!

Kris said...

Ok jeff playing the guitar while the kids were singing... super cute!!! How long has jeff been playing the guitar? He is playing much better then me...:0( I guess I am just not musicly enclined.