Monday, May 14, 2007

Time to Share

I had a great Mother's Day and I want to make sure I get it on the recorders! My day started off with the kids bringing me all the presents they had made at school and Awana clubs. Poor Red was so sad he had nothing to give me, he kept trying to take something from one of the kids so he had something to give. I got a book that had each kid in GG's class saying what their mom's favorite things were like food, book and so on and it also had GG's favorite memory of things we do together. It was really cute. I also got a flower pen, a homemade card, and a poem with GlamorGirl's handprints on it. From the Monkey I got a picture of him as a magnet, a cup of paper flowers, and a homemade card. Then I was ordered to stay in bed where I got breakfast in bed delivered by the two oldest but prepared by the hubby. Then it was off to church for Sunday school and service. After Sunday school I picked up Red from his class to take him to the nursery and he had made me a necklace with a picture of him on it. It was a super cute picture just like all his other pictures! The funny part was he didn't want to give it to me. Remember that morning he was sad he had nothing to give but then when he did, he didn't want to give it up...silly boy. The other two kids stayed in their SS room for Children's Church during the service. I went upstairs and sat with J and church started. All the men in the church got up on stage and sang a song to all the Mother's it was sweet. Also amazing that there was more men at church then women! Our service was mainly about men and how they did to show love to the women in their lives especially their wives who are Mother's. It was really good. Oh yeah, at the end they had all the women stand up and they prayed for us. Then they had drinks and cookies for the moms after the service. I picked up the other two kids from CC and they had a handful of things for me. For lunch J made the kids food and picked me up a Burrito from Chipotle. Yuuuummmmy. Oh I forgot the gift J got me. He bought me a new digital camera with better pixels for pictures and better zoom. We had been talking about getting one for when our little girl arrives since the other one is getting old! J had to work so he left and I put a movie on for the kids so I could relax and catch up on some reading I wanted to do. Also Monkey and GlamorGirl took turns playing with my hair...I love that! Then for dinner we met my friend Amy at Panera Bread and she bought the kids their food. My sandwich was so good and the place was pretty empty so it was relaxing as well. All in all I had a great day even though my hubby had to work. I really do love my kids and they are the reason I am a mom.

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