Thursday, May 03, 2007


Today I am 20 weeks so GG took some pictures for me and I realized I had some other pictures on the camera so I will show them too! The first pictures are of J's hard work in the yard. It is a before and after. I think he did a GREAT job!

Next are some cute pictures of Red in J's work boots. He is such a little ham and what a joy these past almost 2 years! I have been trying to catch him on video singing. "Shack your booty" it's too funny for words :)

Ok here is the good stuff! Pictures of my belly...and a 3D picture of our new little girl.

I love the picture of Red kissing my belly and the shot I took with the camera you can see just a little bit of my feet sticking out...and everyone tells me I look small!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Belly shots!!! Your baby is sooo cute!! I love those new ultrasounds!!! They're sooo cool!

AnnaLiza said...

i loove those pix!! the baby's so precious (in the 4-d pix).

Terri said...

Ahh haaa.. I love those belly shots, too...

I have a belly shot w/ "clicker" imprints on my belly... I fell asleep on the clicker and there was a perfect imprint ... it was quite funny.

Aren't those 3D pics amazing.. we have some great ones of Matthew...
and you know.. he looked just like them... we have a video of him..
that was soo cool!

Cute cute pictures!!!

sarahgrace said...

Lookin' good mama! I just can't get over the 4-D ultrasound shots...they are so neat, I wish our town had more than one place that did them (unfortunately it isn't in the practice that I go to...)