Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not Cool

As the kids and I were leaving the house to take a walk yesterday a firetruck and an ambulance pull up and the men run up to our elderly neighbors house, they are in their mid-70's. My heart dropped and I was scared to find out what was going on. We have grown pretty attached to these neighbors as we see them almost everyday in the summer. Not to mention the fact that Red thinks that EVERY old man is Jack! Well everyone was ok in the sense that they were all alive. Jack, however, when crossing the street stepped in a pothole and fell, his face broke the fall. He was cut up and had a black and blue eye. The kids were very concerned about him as they ran up to him to see if he was ok. When you live next to people in that age rage you get nervous when you see the firetruck and ambulance. We are so happy and thankful that it was only minor injuries.

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