Monday, May 07, 2007

Race for Education

Today was the day that the kids ran the track for an hour. In keeping with the 100 days of fitness that J and I are doing I walked with them and even ran a few times to help motivate them to make it to the finish line to get one more lap checked off. GG ran 10 times around the track and Monkey did 11 times. I probably did about 8 considering I cut through the field to catch up with my running kids! But I walked for a whole hour! Not bad for a pregnant mama who just got back from a women's retreat and barely got any sleep ;)

Speaking of the retreat it was a blast! Before we got there we went to an outlet mall and I got some really good deals on kids clothes. I bought GG and the baby girl matching skirts for 99 cents and got Red a shirt and pants for 1.99 each. I also got myself two maternity tops. The speaker at the retreat, Stephanie Fast, was truly amazing her testimony about what God has done in her life unbelievable but totally God. If you have heard her before you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't heard her I highly recommend hearing her testimony on DVD! I could tell you some of the things she talked about but I couldn't do it justice you have to hear it from her. I also got a little homesick, too. It didn't help that when I called to tell the kids goodnight Red says, "Come home mommy. I miss you." and Monkey was crying because he wanted me...heartbreaking.

Lastly, I am really excited, I won a contest. The one I told you about on Adventures in Babywearing and encouraged you to sign up for. Well I won! I bet you are thinking that you should of entered, huh?

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