Saturday, May 19, 2007


I think I am finally recovered from the big party on Thursday night. We had 38 people at our house for the party and it was a blast! I only got stressed out once, on Thursday morning I was making the cupcakes and cake, Red pulled a chair up to see what I was doing. No big deal, right? He was watching tv so I figured it was a better use of his time to help then to sit in front of the boob tube. I asked him to go turn the tv off and as he was getting down from the chair he took the cartoon of eggs with him, completely accidental. There were 7 inside still and they cracked all over the place. I had to decide what/who I cleaned first the chair, the floor or Red. I cleaned Red first and ran outside (I was still in my pj's) to get J's help, who was mowing the lawn, for the party. Other than the egg mess the day was pretty stress free. I also got to use my new camera, so excited. I still haven't been taught how to put the pictures on the computer, hoping to learn today before J goes to work.

I love Saturdays, because we are all home together in the mornings it makes me long for summer break, where everyday is like Saturday. Today J and the kids rode their bikes to the park as I walked behind them and then we grilled out and had a picnic lunch. My plan is to do family things in the mornings on the day he works and do reading/math/school type stuff in the afternoon while Red naps so it is quiet! I need to call the library today and see when the summer reading program starts. The kids got some really good prizes last summer!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mama, Just wanted to say what a great wife and mother you are. You threw a great birthday party for Tanner. You sacrificed a lot of energy but it didn't go unnoticed