Saturday, May 12, 2007


I feel like I am always posting in the morning about what we did the other day then I have a whole day of stuff that happens! Usually by the time the kids are in bed I am ready for bed, gotta love the baby making energy level! Well I really don't want to do laundry tomorrow on Mother's Day so I just put a load in so that I can get it done tonight. Which leaves me time for updating. We had an extremely busy day. We got up this morning and made Mother's Day cards for grandma's. Then my dad called and wanted to go out for lunch. Right after lunch Monkey had a bowling birthday party which all the kids were invited to attend. Red was sleeping when we got there and woke up about 40 minutes later with all the retro lights going. I was standing right next to him when he woke up but he had no idea where he was and he started shacking. I have never seen him do that before so I held him and he stopped shacking after about 10 minutes of sitting on my lap. It was the weirdest thing. I felt so bad for him.

I want to take a minute to elaborate on this party. There were 5 kids that weren't relatives or mine at this party and not one of them had their parents stay. They just dropped off their 4 or 5 year old and left. I was amazed as was the birthday boy's mom. Well I actually would of left Monkey because I know this family really well but she had told me to stay since I didn't have a sitter for the other two. When the party was over and we were heading out the door this mom totally frantic (not from our party there was about 3 other parties going on at the same time) looking for her daughter. She was crying saying that all the kids from the party were gone and she didn't know where her daughter was she was a mess, I guess she was only 5 minutes late getting to the bowling alley. I didn't stay to see what happened but it just reaffirmed my decision to stay at or near a party especially if it is in a public place.

After that party was over we met our friend Amy at the Christian Bookstore because they were having sales and I had coupons that were going to expire. I walked out of there with great deals. I was excited and we got done shopping right in time to go to our friend Jackie's 30th birthday party. That was a fun time and J was able to stop by and grab a bite to eat and socialize a bit. We left at 7:45 were home by 8 gave the kids a quick bath because they needed it terribly! They were in bed by 8:30 which I am happy about, if you don't know their normal bedtime is 7:15 and they are usually out by 7:30 if not sooner. Now I am just waiting to switch the clothes over and then I can go to bed!!! Tomorrow is MY DAY! I already have a pile of goodies waiting for me to open and I will probably get more tomorrow at church! I just want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's that read my blog :)


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Hope you've had a wonderful Mother's Day! I totally agree with you about staying for parties- I was at one recently in an open-amusement park and can not believe the parents that left their 5 & 6 yr olds. And then the two parents (including me) that stayed ended up frantically watching them the whole time. AH!

Anyway, wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!



Happy Mothers Day to you too!!!