Saturday, March 20, 2010

Awana Games

The day finally came for GlamorGirl and Monkey...the favorite AWANA GAMES. Though I will say it was a very long day for the other two kidlets. We got there at 11:30am and left at 5pm. Monkey went first at noon. The first event is the sparky crawl. It is crazy. There are four teams lined up making a square. At the whistle they have to crawl across to the other side. But they have people crawling in every direction at them. Monkey was the first one out of all the teams to make it across on the first race, he was like floating through everyone. But we didn’t win, that game. Oh well he did great though! Another one of my favorite Monkey moments was when he did the relay race with the bean bag on his head. He was the last runner which meant that he had to run in to grab the pin. He was excited and nervous about it. The team of three he was on rocked it. He got there so fast that the second place person came in at least half a minute later! They play games like this for about an hour. They keep score and at the end they announce the winner of each circle. There are four circles and 2 heats on each one. Lots of kids :) After everything was said and done for the Sparky team they won FIRST place. It was neck in neck with another team but the won by a point or two! So proud of those kiddos. As soon as everyone cleared out from them the Girls and Boys TNT teams came out. GG is obviously on the girls team! The first even that GG was in was some sort of a relay race. The team that they had picked out was lightening fast! They won by a land slide! I think they had the three fastest girls on the team running ;) But I have to say that the best event for the girls was the bean bag grab. They have one in the middle and each team has a bean bag. There are 6 players on each team with a number. When they call the number that number tries to get the middle bag and their color bag. When GG’s number was called she got to the middle one and got in a tug of war with two other girls. One of the girls let go so it was just GG and they other girl she held on for dear life and DRAGGED that girl to her side of the square. She ended up winning the middle bag plus the other bag the girl had in her hand and her team color bag. It was awesome to see her go for it. That one doesn’t give up that is for sure. In this same event the last girl called went for the middle and saw that the three were fighting for it that she ran around the circle and got all 4 color bags! Our girl’s team had some smart little cookies on it. The girls team ended up getting 2nd place but did an outstanding job! It was so great to be sitting with our Bethel fans cheering on our Sparky and TNT teams. If you read this and you are from our church you MISSED out on a great time. I also have a picture of the two of them in their team shirts holding the number of fingers for the places they got, which is really cute. But you will just have to believe me because the chances of those pictures actually getting on to this blog at the time are slim to none!

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sarahgrace said...

I remember doing Awana games when I was little- lots of fun!