Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can't sleep...

I need to get some things out of my head so that I can fall asleep without thinking about them. I am planning a fun day with the kids tomorrow and the last thing I need is to be TIRED! It is the one fun thing we are doing during break, I don’t want insomnia to rob of us the joy the would bring. Today marked the first day of physically looking at houses. We have looked online for about 2 months. We saw 5 houses, one was a last minute idea. I will go in order. I brought my camera and a notebook with. I took notes but didn’t take any pictures. Sorry!

#1 Was a 3 bedroom 2 bath with full unfinished basement. The house was really outdated but had some really nice qualities about it too. The 3rd bedroom was really small. Though the master was a great size and had a huge glass sliding door to the patio. It had a shared master bath which is really nice, we could close it off so it wasn’t shared. It has a really nice size mud room with laundry and a HUGE pantry. J and I started talking about our kids probably not wanting to be in bunk beds through high school. The basement was really big but we would probably never finish it so would that space really be the deciding factor? The living space on the main floor was just not big enough in my opinion. Another down side is that it backs to a little lake. Our Realtor didn’t believe we could put a fence up since none of the other houses had one up. I just don’t know if I would feel good about that. Not that I ever leave my kids outside alone but things happen fast, you know? In my head this house is out, not so sure what J thinks.

#2 Just down the street was a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with a partially finished basement. This house was AS IS. It had a newly done kitchen with stainless steel appliances. I really liked the layout of this house. The bedroom sizes weren’t bad and it had hardwood in the bedrooms and carpet in the living room and family room. As we were walking around J noticed the ceiling in the kitchen was boiling. He touched it and it was moist. The second time he touched to make sure it was really moist he poked is finger through it. We went to see what could be causing the wetness but aren’t sure which bathroom it could be coming from. This house being AS IS with our issues with mold. We both without really talked about it said this house was out completely.

#3 We were on our way to another house when we asked our Realtor if we could check out a house in the same neighborhood. She called and we were able to go in. It was a 4 bedroom with 2 1/2 bathrooms. Master had it’s own full bathroom. Though it was pretty small. Most everything in this house was old but livable. It had a HUGE (20x20) family room off of the kitchen. The living was a verily good size too. The dining room was pretty small though. The kitchen was old but we could make do for awhile in it. The rooms were not very big. The master with the bath was only 12x10 not sure if we would be able to fit our bed and dressers in it. There was a 14x10 room that would probably work better for us and we would give the other room to GG. This house has a lot of potential but we would have to spend a lot of money to make it the way we would want it. The yard on this house was nice. It had a spot already laid out for a garden and it was fenced. The garage was an extra deep one so tons of storage. It also had a full unfinished basement. This house is up in the air. If we could get it at a good price and could save enough money within a few years to update it.

#4 The was a 4 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house. It only had a living room no family room. It also had a full unfinished basement that was very big but these people had SO much stuff in it it was really hard to get a feel for the size. Actually the whole house had a TON of stuff in it. The garage wasn’t attached to the house which was a big negative for me. I just wasn’t very impressed with the inside. The yard was pretty descent. Oh yeah and our Realtor asked that no one was home and there were 3 people there. When she went to look at it she said there was like 15 people in it so I guess that is an improvement. It was just weird to be looking around with the people there. I think J and I are on the same page that this house is not as big as we want.

#5 This house was beautiful. It had 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. It had a very nice open floor plan that we like. The negatives were it had a detached garage, the kitchen was really small, the dishwasher was in the basement (weird), the coat closet was in the 1/2 bathroom and you had to go into the bathroom and shut the door to open the closet. Other than that it was nice but too high priced.

I feel discouraged that we aren’t going to find a house we can afford. I just keep praying and asking God that J and I agree on the houses and that He would lead us to the right one. I think this process is going to be a long one.


Kristin said...

Hang in there, with the house hunting...that's okay if it's a long process, YOU WILL find the right/affordable house. I know MANY families whos teens have bunked it through high school...the kids never complained...just a lil' FYI!;)

Amber said...

Good luck, Tonya! I'm sure the perfect house is out there for you.

mikeanddebbie said...

You'll find the right one ,don't worry!! Hope you had fun with the kids today!!

Adina said...

goodness...i was in the same place less than a year ago. hang in...God knows.

hestermom said...

It is so hard to look at houses!! But, just keep praying, asking God to provide just the right house, and be patient!! =) There are things about our house that we just didn't think hard enough about when we purchased it... but, we knew this is the house we were supposed to buy, both for our sake, and the sellers (they were believers too!). So, in the end, God works it all out.
You're doing a great job taking care of your family and eating well, and healing while you wait. =)