Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm not a big fan of change. Though it seems like everything in my life for the last, about 7 months now have been nothing but change. All the food we eat is different, the place we live, the things we have in our house (because it isn't ours), the new house we are going to be buying, all the new furniture (once we have enough saved up to buy some). Those are the big things but the little changes in my day to day are what is just got me all out of sorts. For instance, our taxes we normally have them done the first week in February. Well it is almost the middle of March and we still don't have them done. It has to do with the fact that we got rid of ALMOST everything we own to goodwill and so we have to list it all out and assign a dollar amount. It is just so time consuming. I am hoping to everything ready to go by this weekend though it isn't looking to good. Other things are how My BABY is growing up so fast, the rest of the kids too for that matter. Red is not going to be a Cubbie next year and Monkey is going to be in Boys TnT and old enough to go to sleep away camp this summer. There is more I can list but I won't because it is just sometimes too much to take in. I know that things change I get that I just feel like everything is changing all at once and I have no resemblance of normal or comfort of the old anymore. Also like my friend Tammy says, not all of those changes are bad changes. I think I feel unstable because of the change. I need some solid footing right about now.


Adina said...

Oh, girl! All I can say (because I feel pretty emotional too right about now) is that God never changes. Isn't that great? Hang on to Him. (I know it's easier said than done sometimes)

mikeanddebbie said...

I hear ya! Good advice from Adina!!