Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break!

The kids are off all the week and then next Monday. This year is gonna be pretty lame. Last year we went with another family to an indoor water park this year we have nothing big and fun planned. As of yet. I would have to talk J into something first but that doesn't look very likely as we are trying to save money to buy a new house that won't put us in starvation mode! I actually have to find someone to watch the kids Wednesday morning so we can go look at houses. Our realtor doesn't want the kids along as they can be too distracting which I can totally understand we just need to find someone to watch them! I haven't really been on this blog much but there has been so much going on in my head. I am actually struggling to try and articulate it into a post.

One of the biggest things that I am struggling with and thinking about often is food. I am such a weak person when it comes to sweets. I love them. I really do. My husband has bought ice cream again and I am doing everything I can to not open the freezer for fear if I see it I will want to eat it. Or worse yet I will eat it. We had our small group over on Friday and I did eat the dessert. UGH! I hate that, why can't I just say NO. I have no will power. Why do I have to be tempted by sweets EVERYwhere I go? It is just so not fair. I want to be normal and eat whatever I want and feel fine but that is just not the case. I feel silly typing that it isn't fair. My kids say that all the time. God never promised fairness. I need to go make my grocery list for this week.

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Kristin said...

Do eating the desserts make you feel crummy? If bummer, if not...go a head and have that cake/ice cream, just in moderation! Oh, now as I'm typing this, I think the things in the desserts make you feel yuck...correct? That's why when you bake, you use different ingredients! Yeah, that's a tough's hard to pass up dessert!

AND...good luck with house hunting!:)