Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dog sitting

Well tonight is our first night officially dog sitting for my in-laws. Maggie is a puppy so she likes to chew on things. Which means we have to watch her like a hawk and make sure the kids pick up their toys. So far in the 4 hours we have had her here things have gone smoothly. But it is now bedtime and there is NO WAY I'm letting her sleep in our bed. She is in her crate. I have heard her whimper a few times but all seems quiet for now. The kids are loving the dog...except when she jumps on them. Jeff and I are pretty certain we do not want to own a dog at this point. I know we have only had her a few hours and I have to say she is a really good dog. She pretty much just sits on the couch while you sit on the couch and goes where ever you go. She is house broken so we shouldn't have any accidents. It is just something about a dog and the responsibility of a dog that just isn't appealing to me. But for the next few days it will be nice having a dog here. 


Adina said...

i'm with you on the dog issue and i am impressed that she gets to sit on the couch.

Tonya said...

She is only allowed in three rooms at our house...the family, kitchen and dinning rooms. The family room couches are leather so easily wiped off so I don't mind but no way would she get to sit on the new couches in the living room!

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