Sunday, October 30, 2011

A dream fulfilled!

When Jeff and I first started dating we talked a lot about being youth workers, we both wanted to work with high school students. When we got married we were both still in college and shortly after getting married (4 months) we got pregnant with our first child. We attended a church on campus that didn't have a youth group because it was all college students. Once Jeff graduated and got the job he has now and we moved by our parents we still talked about wanting to work with youth in our church. At the time we had two small church and we were just not in a place to really be leaders. After we added two more kids to the group we started working with the younger kids. I worked in the nursery and toddler rooms and Jeff worked in the older kids 1st through 4th grade. But we both felt like we wanted to work with the older kids. Jeff started doing worship for the Jr High ministry on Wednesday nights and that led to him working with them on Friday nights. He would come home and tell me all the fun things they did. I felt such a strong desire to come along side him and work together with the Jr. Highers...but we have 4 kids!!! I talked to the youth pastor about wanting to join the leadership team and he said that would be great and they would get a sitter for the kids! This is my second year working with them and Jeff's third. I feel like being with these kids is helping prepare me for when my kids are that age. What a blessing this ministry has been. I truly love the kids I work with and they are pretty funny to boot. I feel like we are finally living our ministry dream even though the though was High School at first but maybe one day we will move up to H.S. but for now we both feel this is where God wants us to be serving.

Also just wanted to update on my tooth removal. It hurt the first day but not a ton. I didn't take any pain medicine until I laid down to fall asleep and was having trouble. I took one Ibuprofen and was good until morning. Now as I sit here I do have a little pain from chewing my food today at lunch. I had to really get it mushy before I could swallow it. I will keep this in mind for tomorrows meals.


Adina said...

i saw J tonight and he said you were doing pretty good. i'm so glad!!

Angie Vik said...

That's neat how put that desire in your heart and now it's come about.Glad it's something enjoyable and rewarding. Junior High is not my favorite age to work with so I'm glad somebody enjoys it.