Saturday, October 01, 2011


I can't believe it is October already that means I am going to be getting a year older...I'm really okay with that. I think we have finally somewhat gotten into a routine with school. The kids have all seemed to be adjusting fine to this year, which makes me SO happy. We have some really great teachers this year which makes the year just that much better as a parent! One of the biggest changes this year is not having Mrs. A. we have had her for the last three years and she was such a wonderful teacher I still stop in and see her. Red will get her in 3rd grade as long as she is still there! It just amazes me how fast the day goes while they are in school I never have enough time to get the things I want to get done. Peanut and I are enjoying our together time sometimes a little too much togetherness because she has started not wanting to be without me at church. Oh boy! I am really excited about this month. I am going on two field trips with the kids, taking a trip down to the college Jeff and I graduated from and seeing some friends who still live there and of course at the end of the month is my birthday. Four wonderful things to look forward too :) 

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Adina said...

oooh, that sounds like a good month!