Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall is HERE!

We have been busy busy around here. The weather has been pretty nice and we have been able to have the windows open during the day and heating the house up to 70! We have gotten leaved raked (no pictures) and pumpkins from our garden carved (with pictures!). I must say that this year was by far my favorite year so far of pumpkin carving. GG did everything by herself. Monkey did almost everything on his own too. Red and Peanut both required help which I helped Peanut and Jeff helped Red. It was GREAT! The kids also sorted the pulp from the seeds so that I can bake the seeds. Here are a few pictures from our carving adventure...
 I asked her to put the seeds in the bowl so she did a great job making sure they all got in there!

On Friday night Jeff and I went to a David Crowder Band Concert! Some friend of ours also had tickets so we were able to meet up with them at the concert. I had so much fun even though we stood for FOUR hours. There were 3 bands that played before David Crowder came on and then he played for TWO amazing hours. It was such a great night and I wish we had more money to have been able to take our kids to see them too. David Crowder Band is Red's favorite band next to Toby Mac! We do want to share the joy of concerts with our kids we just have to figure out what is a good age to stand that long!

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Adina said...

i love GG's expression as she sorts out the seeds :) and i love that a bunch of your pumpkins came from your garden!