Thursday, October 27, 2011


About 3 weeks after my oldest daughter was born I had horrible tooth pain. It hurt so bad that I wasn't able to fall asleep for 3 days straight. I was an emotional wreck. I had a no born baby and I was a first time mom. I felt like such a failure because my tooth hurt and I couldn't do anything. Also remember around that time I got a bloody nose while breastfeeding it just added into the sense of failure I felt. What was wrong with me?!? Why was I having tooth trouble and a bloody nose? Well it turned out that I needed to have a root canal because the tooth was really infected. I went in and they drilled the cavity or infected part out of my tooth then packed it up and sent me home. Not even 4 hours later my mouth hurt just as bad as it did before I had the drilling done to it. I called the dentist again and they met me at their office after hours I believe it was like 9pm at night. They took the temporary filler out of my tooth and the pain was instantly gone again, yay! Fast forward about 10 years later. My root canal tooth the one that is suppose to be dead is causing me trouble. I talked to my dentist and we decided that it was time for this tooth to be removed. After doing some research online about the connection between teeth and your whole health it all started to make sense! Here is the meridian tooth chart I looked at. My root canal is tooth number 14 which is related to...drum roll please ;) THE STOMACH! I have had so many issues with my stomach. I am really hoping that I can start to heal once this tooth is removed. I am also really nervous that it will throw my whole body out of whack in a good way but that I might not feel very good while my body is able to heal properly. I also have a strong desire to get the 4 mercury fillings removed from my mouth. One hurdle at a time, though I think I found a dentist that will do it safely. I am just ready to have this metal out of my mouth and this dead tooth as well. Did you know that dentistry is the ONLY practice that takes a dead organ and keeps it in your mouth?!?! That is crazy. Now off of my tooth soap box ;) I hope to be a healthier me on Saturday! I also hope it doesn't hurt because my birthday is coming up soon and that would stink to be hurting for that.


Amber said...

Very interesting!! Hope you are feeling better, too.

I know my dentist replaces old fillings as they need to. And, it makes your teeth look so much prettier. :-)

Kat said...

Wow. It is so amazing how the whole body is connected.
I hope everything goes smoothly and you are feeling 100 percent again! :)

Adina said...

3 days to go...toothache, go away!