Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Can dogs get you sick? I haven't been feeling very good since Tuesday afternoon. Today all I've had to eat is a few carrots and some nut thins and tons of water. And even when I eat them they don't tend to stay in my body very long, ugh. Today Maggie hasn't been eating very much either so I wonder if she is not feeling good either. Anyway, I am going on a field trip on Friday and I want to be feeling better by then. Nothing worse then going on a field trip feeling bad, trust me I've done it before. I am going to go to the chiropractor tomorrow morning for an extra adjustment to see if that helps get me feeling well quicker. Speaking of health I am really excited and also really nervous to be getting my tooth pulled. I am hoping and praying that this is the break through with my health. I have been feeling good for the most part but there is just something that I can't seem to get under control which is my digestion/stomach pains. I did some research and the tooth that I am having pulled which is already a dead tooth has been linked to the stomach. It makes you wonder. It is being pulled at the end of this month and two days before my birthday so I'm hoping that I don't feel bad afterward.

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