Thursday, January 23, 2003

The first thing I did this morning was call the doctor’s office. Last night Monkey got sick. He woke up twice and the second time he puked all over our bed. So we had to get everyone up and change the sheets. I took him to the doctor and they gave him some medicine! It really works I can tell he feels a lot better. The medicine also makes him really drowsy. While Monkey and I were at the doctor’s J and GlamorGirl did laundry at the laundry mat, it was a good bonding time for them! Then we went to Wal-mart to get Monkey’s 6-month pictures taken. I will update his page with them either tonight or tomorrow. The best thing of the day was that my wonderful husband made dinner. We had chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, and rolls. It was good. The rest of the night we just relaxed together as a family. Here is my funny story for the day: As I am typing GlamorGirl is saying that she is scared. I asked her of what and she said Brae. So my daughter is afraid of herself!!! We need to go to sleep now we have playgroups tomorrow morning. It is the first one of the New Year.

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