Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Here’s another day in the funny house. When we woke up this morning someone was outside shoveling. It was a pretty loud noise. GG said, “What makes that noise” as she looked out the window. I thought that was pretty smart of her to know it was from outside. Then we went to the doctor’s appointment. Monkey is still sick. Just like I thought. They gave him a shot to dry up the drainage in his lungs so that he doesn’t get pneumonia. The doctor also gave Monkey a new medication plus a refill on the old. Funny story about Monkey’s meds, I got the syringe ready, then I went to get a towel to wipe up any that he might spit out. While I was gone GG had come in the room picked up the full syringe and shot it across the room, just as I walked back in. What a goof. While we were at the doctor’s they wanted to give him his vaccinations. I told them not until he is 100% better, which made me mad that they wanted to give my sick baby three more shots. His immune system for some reason just isn’t as strong as GG’s was at that age. Then tonight we took GG over to Ellie’s house to play while J and I got massages done. Wow was I tense. We’ll see what I feel like tomorrow she thinks I will be a little sore. The massage was my present from J for having Monkey when GlamorGirl was born I got a pedicure and facial. Like I said before what a great husband! Time to put my relaxed body to bed.

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