Monday, January 27, 2003

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roberta! (Grandma) We started a few new things today. The first one is a listening chart for GlamorGirl. She gets a sticker when she listens the first time we tell her to do something. The second new thing is exercising. After we ate breakfast we exercised. GG really enjoyed doing this and when we were done she said, “Do again!” I told her tomorrow. She followed everything I did. She liked the jumping jacks the best. Then I gave Monkey a bath and GG wanted to get in with him so I let her. She normally takes a shower with me so that she can't hurt Monkey. But today I sat him in his chair in the bathroom and then took my shower. When I got out GG had brought in almost every toy from her toyroom for her little brother to play with. It was cute but it took her forever to put them all back. Just imagine a bathroom full of toys! Tonight GG and I vacuumed the whole house I used the real one and she used her toy one. Then she helped me make dinner, she just mostly watched. After J got home from work we rearranged GG’s room to make room for the new dresser that some family friends gave us. Thank you! Now each kid has their own dresser and I can shut the drawers. Now I am going to call it a night.

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