Sunday, January 26, 2003

This morning we got up and went to church. I went with a fat lip; last night while we were sleeping Monkey head butted me. After church we went to the grocery store, and boy was it packed. When we got home I laid Monkey on the floor and next thing I knew he had J’s socks in his mouth. J took his socks off as soon as we got home and Monkey had rolled over to them. How gross. So I moved the socks and next thing I knew Monkey had gotten them again. I stopped him before he put them in his mouth this time. We then took them and put them in the dirty clothes. We all took a nap this afternoon, I haven’t taken a nap in a long time and it felt good. Then we watched the super bowl at home as a family. We mainly watch for the commercials. We had gotten invited to 3 Super Bowl parties but with Monkey still not feeling a 100% we passed. It had already been a long day for him with church and shopping. Well the super bowl is over and the team I was cheering for won. I know nothing about football but every super bowl I choose a team and cheer, this year they won. I also want to give Becky and Roberta a Great Big Thank You for getting the police application for J and mailing it to us. Now I am off to bed. Good night all.

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