Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Today J was on pager for driver so he was home most of the day. He got called out at 12:30pm. This morning he took my car in to the shop to get the tires rotated and to have them look at the brakes. We were driving it the other day and they felt funny. Thank heavens that the brakes were ok. We really can’t afford another big repair on my car we still have a credit card bill to pay off from the last one. Then J took GG to get my oil changed so it was just Monkey and I at home. I decided to take the opportunity to put him to sleep and have a little quite time to myself. It was only 20 minutes but I am usually lucky to get 5 minutes by myself. You are probably thinking that I get time to myself when I go to the bathroom. Not the case, if I shut the door GG knocks until I open it so I just leave it open. Then this afternoon I got to talk to my mom. She is the greatest. She is always there when I need her. I just hope that I am half the mom she is and I will be doing good. I love you mom! You are the BEST!!! GlamorGirl wins the silly story of the day. She is still on the “**** is scared” kick. So I asked her again what she is scared of and this time she said, “The Guy.” I asked her where the guy was and she pointed and said, “right there.” Then I asked her why she is scared of the guy and she said that he goes, “GRRRR” and scares her. It was pretty funny. Time to go to bed we have a doctor’s appointment for Monkey tomorrow. I hope they will say he can stop taking his medicine, but he still sounds pretty sick. I guess we’ll see.

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