Monday, January 20, 2003

First Entry!

Well I have started my very own web log. It has been a little frustrating trying to get the links I want to work but we will figure it out sometime soon, hopefully. Well lets see today GlamorGirl had a playdate with her friend Carlie. They had a lot of fun and GlamorGirl took an extra long nap! It was nice to get to catch up with Crissy (Carlie's mom). They moved to Rockford last year which was a bummer. But Crissy's mom lives in here so they visit us often! Then we tried something new for dinner and it was really good. After that we went to our last Parent your Toddler class. Yes, the class that made J, Monkey and I famous here. We were on the front page of the main newspaper. Well this first post is going to be short because I need to catch up on some much needed sleep from the weekends events. GG turned 2 on Friday and we had a party for her on Saturday. So I will try and keep everyone updated as often as I can but being the Mama of 2 sometimes 3 (meaning J) it might be a little difficult. A real quick side note we have finally found a Church that meets all of our families needs! What a blessing.

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