Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ok here is a cute story for you: This morning GG wakes up before I left for work and asks me, "Can you drop me off at Mickey Mouse World?" Apparently she had been dreaming about going to Disney World! She was telling me all about the fun things to do at Mickey Mouse World as she called it. One day maybe we can take the kids there??? GG stayed home with J today and did a lot of fun things. They got gas in the truck, went to Wal-mart and got GG gloves for helping weed the flowers, paid some bills, and made banana bread! Monkey went to work with me and that is always fun ;) When we got home we ate lunch and then went to Toys R Us. I really like that store. We ended up not buying anything even though I wanted to buy tons of stuff. I really want to start my Christmas is already July and I have nothing. I usually am close to being done by now. Then we went to Target and J let me buy some presents for the kids. It was summer clothes that are on sale. Great deals!!! Then we came home and opened up some more of Monkey's birthday presents. We opened the Little People things he got. The kids played so nice with all of their LP stuff. I really like those toys. I want to get them the airport and the one that has the ramp (I can't remember what it was called). It is so bad because I have so many ideas of what to get them for presents but just not enough money. I am going to try and talk J into getting them a joint present of a swing set but I don't know if he will go for that. They already have a pool in the backyard. I first should find out if I would have enough money to get them one. Anyways, then we ate dinner and now it is time for baths and bed. Right now J is in the living room with the kids flipping them. They are laughing that wonderful belly laugh that sounds so good. I really love the sound of laughter!    

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