Friday, July 23, 2004

Yeah we finally have internet! I am so excited to be back online :) We love our new home. It feels like we have lived here forever. The next door neighbors are the best. They are a retired couple and just are the sweetest people. They have lived in this neighborhood for over 40 years and know everyone. So they have introduced us to so many people on the block. Jack the husband told me that they have block parties on this street. I think that is so cool and I can't wait to be apart of it. The kids are adjusting great to living without grandparents, aunt and uncles. It is just so nice to have our own place again. Not that it was horrible living with my parents but it is SOOOOOOO nice to be alone sometimes. Yesterday was Monkey's 2nd birthday. We are having his party tomorrow and so I am in the mist of getting things ready for that. Everyone is coming over here so we get to show off the house and have our first party in our own back yard!!! That just sounds so cool. Can you tell I am excited about the house? I just can't believe we have only lived here a week and we are completely unpacked and have pictures hanged and everything. J is such a work-a-holic that he won't stop til we were done. Oh I had an interview at the school that Sue works at in the preschool. J and I still need to talk it over and see if that is really what we want for our family. Well I should get back to doing things. I will start updating more again now that we are connected! 

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