Saturday, September 04, 2004

I have started getting behind on this posting. I hate that because I really like being able to look back and see what we did on a certain day. Yesterday I took GG to work with me and Monkey stayed home with J. After work we spent the afternoon cleaning up the house. It looks good! Then we took the kids to a park after we ate. They had so much fun. We even remembered to bring the camera and take pictures ;) On the way home we asked if they wanted to go to bed or eat ice cream? What do you think they said??? Ice cream, of course! So we had ice cream outside as a family. Then they got baths and into bed they went. Here is a cute story... at dinner we pray before we eat. We take turns praying, like tonight was GG's turn and tomorrow will be mine. She was praying and all of a sudden Monkey says Amen in the middle of her prayer. It was too funny! J and I had a hard time keeping ourselves from laughing. GG seemed unphased by it and just kept praying. I love when the kids pray. They thank God for things we adults take for granted and it is so refreshing.

Today even though it is only 2pm we have gone to the teacher store to get the kids paint smocks for school, the bank, and to Target. We bought Monkey another Christmas present while we were there. I love buying Christmas presents. The only thing is sometimes I can't decide on what I should get the kids. Like GG...should I get her a leap frog or a learning computer? And the other decision I have had to make is should I get it for her birthday or Christmas? She is so easy to shop for because she loves everything anyone buys her. Plus, she is a girl! Monkey is a little harder for me but I mange! Well enough of my rambling for one day. I need to label the kids school supplies and make chocolate chip cookies for the church picnic tomorrow.

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