Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Yesterday was exhausting! We had school in the morning came home real quick for lunch then out the door again for GG's tumbling class. We got home and the kids played in the sprinkler for about 30 minutes with J so I could get some down time. Then it was off again to the school volleyball game. The school goes from preschool all the way up to 12th. So we went to cheer for Liz (J's sister) at the game. She loves going to school and going to is just so neat to watch GG make friends with kids that are older than her. Like at the game she made friends with a 5 year old that was at the last game we went to as well. I was happy because it occupied her while I watched the game and Monkey!

Today we went to school and just got home. I am in the process of making lunch. Then we are going to take it easy. J is water skiing with some guys from the department. So I have the kids all day today. After lunch it will be naptime/quite time and then we will play outside until dinner!

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