Friday, September 10, 2004

Yesterday one of my co-workers brought in doughnuts for me since it will be the last time I work with her. That was very sweet I thought. Today was my last day working with the weekday people. My co-workers brought in bagels and brownies and I got a goodbye present. The present was two awesome picture frames and a bunch of pictures of kids from the Y's Mazing Kids room. Very cute. I also got Monkey's coat that Jen had made him...she made one for GG too! It was kind of sad saying goodbye to those people who I know I will probably never really see again. Unless I go to visit. Then we came home and had lunch. This afternoon we went to the Library. The kids each got their own cards which they thought was super cool. The whole basement of the library is for children. They had a computer for the kids to play on and different activities and games for the kids to do while there. They love going to the library and it is only 2 blocks away so we will be going a lot more now. My neighbor told me that they do a craft day once a week so I need to find out what day that is and take the kids! We checked out Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the movie and about 10 books! GG and I got a special book that we are going to read every night until it is done. It is an older kids book and she loves it! It is about a mouse who dances in the ballet. After the library it was a rush to get the kids fed and off to school for the preschool orientation. They each got to see their classrooms, met their teachers again, and met the kids in their class. Then they made bags with their hand prints on them. I really like the teacher I am working with, she is very organized and on top of things. I think we will work great together! So that made me very happy. On the way to the car we walked by the office and grandma was still there working so we stopped in for a few minutes. Then came home gave the kids baths and put them to bed. And that was our day!!!

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