Monday, September 13, 2004

Our first day of school was AWESOME. This morning we took the kids pictures with their book bags and their new school clothes. They each looked so adorable. Then J took us to school and we all walked into GG's class room to drop her off. Then Monkey and I went into our room and waited for the kids in our class. We had 11 kids today and most of them just turned 3 or aren't even 3 yet. We have the youngest class and so it was a little more unruly then the other ones. I am glad GG is in another class with kids more her age. With all considered we had a good day. J came to pick us up and he brought me flowers for my first day of work. He is so sweet! GG came home with homework. It was a worksheet to fill out all of her favorite things and about her family. She enjoyed doing that. We got home and my world went nuts. J laid down and slept for over 4 hours...why I'm not really sure?? But I think that is why he might of bought the flowers so that I wouldn't be mad at him...hehehe! Anyways, I got all the laundry cleaned and put away, dishes done, my legs shaved, the fishes bowl cleaned, and the kids and I played outside! We were busy. After dinner the kids and J went to return a library movie and then took baths. GG is sleeping and Monkey is on his way to dreamland. I need to head there too.

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