Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Yesterday was quite busy and I was not motivated to write. I went into work and found out that I was suppose to be there until 1. I swear it said 12 the week before. Anyway, I got to leave at 12:15 thanks to a co-worker. GG had her first tumbling class at 1:30 and I wanted to get the kids home and fed first. There were about 10 kids in her class and two were boys. It was fun watching her class even though we couldn't hear what was going on. They did the spring board and at the end she raised her hands like the Olympiads did. One mom said she looked like a little princess. I think so. Toward the end of class the kids took a turn walking across the high beam. She walked across with no help from anyone and only 2 kids in the class did that. She is definitely coordinated. During the class they were on there hands and feet walking in a circle. The teacher told them that was called an elephant walk. GG stood up, while picking her wedgie, and said, "no that is called a wedgie!" (she was also moving her hands while she said it, she is so animated). Everyone in the room laughed, so I had to ask the teacher what she had said that made everyone laugh. She makes us laugh all the time, I love that little girl so much. Which reminds me of another story. J sings this song to goes, "I want to Rock. Want to Rock...(then he makes a noise)." Well the other night Monkey started singing it back to J and the noise he made was hilarious. I started crying I was laughing so hard. After the class we talked yard work and did some. Then we hung out with the neighbors, so that J could sleep. Being in the air makes me super tired. This morning the kids and I went to school to drop off my W2's so I can get paid! I can't believe that school starts in less than a week. While we were there GG got to meet her teacher Mrs. Sherry and Monkey got to meet his Mrs. Barbie. Friday they have the orientation and the kids will get to see their rooms. Now we are going to the store to get food and other random things we need. Also today GG has been potty trained for 2 years, just thought I would mention that little cool fact about my brilliant little girl.

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