Thursday, July 26, 2007


Monkey's birthday was on Sunday and J's birthday is tomorrow so I made a cake for the both of them because that is what they wanted me to do. I tried to make a ice cream type of cake and it turned out pretty good. I used brownie mix and made two equally sized brownies. Then I took mint chocolate chip ice cream covered the first brownie then laid the other brownie on top and then covered that with the ice cream. It was really yummy! Tomorrow is going to be a fun day with J's birthday plus it is his first day off and he doesn't have to go back to work until next Friday a full 7 days off!!

I don't think the exercises for getting this little girl to turn are working. I still feel her hiccups in the same spot. But I will say I got to check off a few more things from my list of things to do and get for her. We got the outfit she is going to be coming home in today, I just need to wash it. I got her a baby book and some diapers and wipes, too. I think we found the type of car seat we want but they didn't have any at the store we found them, bummer. J thinks we can find that brand online somewhere else cheaper...I don't really know but it is worth looking into.


Tonya said...

Happy B'day to everyone...enjoy your family time together!

Hope Lil Miss Muffett will get on her head soon!!!

Tracey said...

You're really getting close to delivery! How exciting!:)