Friday, July 13, 2007


Yesterday and today the kids have been fascinated with a caterpillar they have named Poosie. It is about 2 inches long and really fat for a caterpillar. They put it in their bug house and gave it "food" which was a leaf. Then today they let it go in the tree and about 30 minutes later wanted to play with it again. It ended up falling out of the tree and they can't find it now. They are pretty funny to listen too. Well they just found Poosie

In other news Red has been without a diaper since 2:30 and has had no accidents but has gone pee pee in the potty twice. I am expecting to have at least one or two accidents today though. He is currently sitting right next to me (with no clothes on) in the kitchen coloring his new cars coloring book.

On the nesting front I just have to label all of the school supplies you know each crayon and marker and so on. Oh so much fun. I have there extra clothes for their locker and art shirts packed, too. I know I'm on top of it, not really but I'd like to think so. I also found out when their orientation for school is so I can mark that on the calendar.

Well so I had to stop this post to run Red to the potty because he did start peeing on the kitchen floor, which is hardwood, so it was easy clean up and it wasn't a whole lot because he stopped himself to put the rest in the POTTY! I'm so excited, he seems to really be getting it. Then I started typing again and noticed out of the corner of my eye Red doing a funny squat type thing and looking down. I asked him if he had to pee again and he said no then I asked if he needed to poop to which HE ran to the potty shacking his head yes. He pooped and now he is back to coloring. My other two kids were so easy to potty train that I thought Red was going to be hard but he is proving me wrong. We are doing the Potty Dance ;)

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hestermom said...

Yeah for potty training!! I can totally relate about the crayons and markers...and we're going to homeschool, but I STILL get excited about new pencils. Aah...