Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I have a list of things I want to get done before the baby comes one of them is to get all the pictures that are only on my computer printed off so I have the actual picture. So the last few days all the computer time I have I have used to upload my pictures to this server so I can have the hard copies. I found a website that prints 4x6 pictures for 6 cents a print that is a great deal considering I have about 800 pictures on my computer that need to be printed. I have uploaded a little over 200 and have 25 folders to go through still, it's a very slow process and I have very little computer time as it is with it being summer. I haven't printed pictures since Nov 2006: note to self keep up to date with the printing of pictures. I know I am going to have a ton once our new bundle of joy is born which is why I need to get the ones on here done NOW.

I do feel like I have accomplished some stuff though because I went through all of GlamorGirls old clothes and pulled the season and size she can use and then put them away up to size 9 month I only had 3 draws to put clothes into.

As for the home front we were going to camp last night in the yard but the kids were being naughty so it got postponed. Tomorrow on the 4th the kids got invited to ride in one of the squad cars during the parade. J has to work it so I don't know how it is going to work out but GlamorGirl really wants to be in the parade and MonkeyBoy wants to get candy. I told them that if they rode in the parade they had to be together as I would have Red watching the parade. I am still trying to work out the details as to where they go after the parade because they are at the beginning. I am leaning towards just having the kids with me watching instead of riding so less complicated. We'll see! I think it would be easier if J was driving the car but he's not.

Oh yeah and I put our blanket out for the parade tomorrow. I used duck tape that had been in a hot car so as I was unrolling it the sticky stuff was on both sides. My sandals kept getting stuck and coming off. Just as I got done with the last piece of tape my sandal got stuck came off, I tripped over it and rolled my ankle, fell onto J's squad, ripped a piece of skin off of my arm from something on the car and fell on my butt. Very graceful I tell you ;)

Have a GREAT 4th of July!!!


sarahgrace said...

I hear you on the pictures! I just need to get what I have on our computer backed up, and taken off, so I can fit all the new ones we'll soon have on! I seriously have 10,000 pics on my laptop (and boy, does that eat up space!)

And I just looove the graceful moments of pregnancy...glad you are okay! The first time I fell when I was pregnant, I kind of freaked out...

Tonya said...

Oooooh so glad you are ok from your fall! Sounds like nesting is in full swing!!!
Glad you have some clothes you can pass down. My girls missed each others sizes and proportioned totally different.

Have a great 4th!