Sunday, July 15, 2007

Potty Training update!

He woke up with the pull up wet again, he is obviously not ready for nighttime potty-ing. I will wait and see each morning how his pull ups are and go from there. Anyways, we left our house at 9:20 drove the 30 minutes to church. We made it there and everything was DRY! I took Red to his sunday school class and told the teachers about our new adventure and how he had no diaper on or underwear for that matter. I then took him to the potty before I left him with them. I picked him up after our class was over and they took him once because he said he had to go but he didn't actually pee. So daddy took him and he went and I dropped him off at the nursery and gave them the whole run down of the potty training and instructions. I picked him up a little early from the nursery and took him potty again before we headed home, well we actually went out to eat for lunch, but before we got in the car. We ate our lunch and he went potty before we came home and then he took his nap. He woke up and went potty and then Amy came over with some movies for the kids. Since we had rearranged GG's room Monkey wanted his done too. I am totally at the nesting stage of this pregnancy so sure we cleaned his room and changed it somewhat. I left the bed and nightstand in the same place. While I was doing that and the kids were watching their movie Red had an accident. Ooops bad mommy for not being available or around. I had gotten slack in my watchful eye because he had done so great that morning and then after his nap. He had one more accident and then started getting everything else in the toilet. I think he honestly forgot he didn't have a diaper on! Tomorrow is another day.

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Anonymous said...

Your kids have such great names -- what's with the nicknames lately?

My name is Brae, by the way. I don't have a blog, but I love reading yours.