Monday, July 09, 2007

The Fest

This years Festival is over last night being the last night of it and we stayed until closing. We were a little bummed though because hubby was suppose to have the day off but it got canceled because of injuries at work. Anyways, I had at least one other person with me every night which was a great help because the kids don't always want to go on the same rides. On Saturday night I had Becky and Amy with me then 3 high school kids showed up from our school and totally took over taking the kids on rides. It was AWESOME. They each had one and away they went. Of course, the high schoolers thought it was cool to be able to go on the rides without paying for them. The one boy ripped his pants going on the carousel, which was pretty funny, maybe he shouldn't have been wearing his pants so low! Anyways, I will have to remember for next year when I have 4 kids to enlist the help of the high schoolers! TheKing is off the next three days so we are planning on taking it easy especially since he didn't get home until 3am last night.

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Tee said...

LOL about the ripped pants on the carousel!! That's great... hee hee.