Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Have I mentioned I LOVE summer? Yesterday we were so busy doing things that I didn't even get a chance to get on the computer. We had playgroup in the morning, a noon playdate with one of MonkeyBoy's friends at McDonald's playland and then a pool date with one of GlamorGirl's friends and her 3 siblings and the youngest is Red's friend from playgroup, we got home at dinner time and had breakfast food for dinner and then I went to Bible study, and then hubby and I had a date on the couch watching a movie.

Today we got groceries and then had lunch, it was a full morning event! After Red's nap we meet a boy from GlamorGirl's class and his twin brothers who are MonkeyBoy's age at the pool for another pool date. Can I just say I have the nicest tan ;) Between the new to us swingset we have in the yard and the pool passes we have been in the sun A LOT and I totally have the skin to prove it. I am so getting pool passes for next summer too. We have already more then paid them off and summer is only half over, score. Not to mention that we have 2 pool dates already lined up for next week.

As for the list of boredom busters we can now also check off #13, #18, #25, #29, #36, #45, #50, and #53. We are going to try and do a couple more things from the list and then we will probably repeat some of the things because the kids really enjoyed them. #13 the flash light tag is probably one of my favorite things to let the kids do. It gets dark out and they run through the house with their lights with screams of delight and giggles! We bought them some really cool flashlights too that can either be laser pointers or regular flashlights. They tend to like the lasers ;)

Other than that I have been nesting like CRAZY, and it is actually driving me crazy. I have 10 weeks before my due date and I haven't made it to the date so far so the chances this time around are slim to none. With all the activities it is hard to find time to keep up with the normal up keep of the house let alone tackle some projects. But I am very motivated lately so things have been getting done. I need to get the doctor situation taken care of tomorrow and also pay for the kids books for school and get their supply list. I am going to beg the office to have an advanced copy of the supply list because of my pregnancy situation. Once I have those two things underfoot I will feel much better and relaxed.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Hi!!! There you are!! I need to put you on my blogroll..
I just found you again over at Queens!!

MAKE SURE YOU'RE DRINKING A TON OF WATER WHILE PREGNANT IN THE SUMMER... I went into pre term labor once b/c I wasn't drinking enough water! No one ever told me ..
and I'm bad about drinking water...

I'll be back.. I just had to run and say hello!!

Tonya said...

You are getting soooo close. I am so excited for y'all. Any names or have I missed that? The little bit of sun I got on the 4th of July is fading quickly but we leave to to go to the beach on Sunday - yahooo!!!