Saturday, July 14, 2007

My MonkeyBoy...

After I posted my friend Amy came over and we took the kids outside to play, even Red with only shorts on. A neighborhood boy came over to play with his dad and the first thing out of GG's mouth was, "Red is naked." I said, "He's not naked he just doesn't have a diaper on." Which then started the potty training questions from this father, which I answered them the best to my experience with the other two kids. I asked him how old his son was to which he said, "He is 3 1/2 and his birthday is in October." Then my Monkey says to the kid and loud enough for everyone to hear, "You are 3 1/2 and STILL wear a diaper. GROSS!" Extreme laughing from both Monkey and GG at this statement. What was I suppose to say to that?!

Well as far as the potty is going Red has done pretty good today. He has only had three accidents one of which was really bad because he had shorts on but the other two were little tinkles followed by running to the potty. And he pooped again today in the potty no problem! Tomorrow is church so we'll see how that goes I am bring tons of extra clothes and a towel for him to sit on in the van.

Other than that Amy and I along with the help of GG rearranged GG's room. I think it looks so cute and it actually looks bigger for some reason. She has a special reading place which she is extremely excited about. I just hope it stays clean! I will also mention that Amy did all the heavy lifting, I would just push if she needed help.

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Tracey said...

I'm sure you are so happy to have that done. Clean, well, you know that won't last long. But here's to hoping!