Friday, February 18, 2005

GlamorGirl is such a little comedian sometimes. She had to go to the bathroom, really bad. She screams, "AAAAHHHHH." I think there is something wrong so I ask her what's the matter. She says, "I have to go pee pee. The pee is saying I want to play in the toilet. So I need to hurry and let the pee in the toilet to play." Where does she get this??? After school she comes up to me and tells me she wants to marry Ezra, because they are always partners when they go to recess. He is the cutest little kid, but she is too little young to be thinking about who she is going to marry:) Seriously, what will she think of next?!?! Today she had show and tell at school and she brought her baby doll named Melody and her tie shoes so she could show the class how she can tie her shoes. The teacher said she did very well telling about her doll and showing how to tie her shoes. I'm sure she was loving the attention!!! Last night Monkey threw up again about 5 minutes after J got into bed...umm. I wonder if him moving the bed made Monkey lose it? I jump out of bed at 1am because he threw up and J asked if he had thrown up, he said it only sounded like a cough. NO IT WAS PUKE!!! Yuck. I have no idea what is wrong with him? I am starting to think he is congested and throwing up is the only way for him to get the mucus out or that the drainage from his nose is upsetting his tummy. I will be sleeping with towels under us for a few nights just in case. Last night while GG was at Cubbies I had Monkey saying the baby names we have picked out and he says them so cute. I am really happy with our choice. I had my appointment and we found out the sex so if you don't know and you want to give me a call and I might tell you...hehe ;) This was a great appointment because I got to talk to the midwife about the policies for labor and delivery, the receptionist didn't know them when I called. GG really wants to be in the room and that is both cool with the hospital and the midwives. I told J this and he wants Monkey to be in the room too. I just never really thought about him being there but if he wants to be I have no problems with it. They are going to go to the childbirth classes with us and all of the appointments and other things to prepare them. I'm not a yeller and both of my other deliveries were very fast so it should be ok. I do have a back up in case they get overwhelmed, for those who are thinking that I am crazy! I just think it will be a great bounding experience especially since I'm not going to get my home birth like I wanted...this is the next best thing. Who knows I could go in the middle of the night??? I really hope not but I could. I think that is about all I have to say :) Have a great weekend!

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