Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My *smart* little Girl

As a mother you always think your child(ren) are pretty smart and talented and all that other stuff. You know you are bias when it comes to your children period! At least I know this fact about myself ;) Yesterday I was at school doing my lunch duty like I do every Monday. While I was at school I had a conversation about GG being double promoted. Meaning she would skip 4th grade. I know my daughter is smart she gets straight A's on her report card and most of them are A+'s to boot. Her last year IOWA test scores also tell of how smart she is. I just never thought about pushing her ahead. I know she gets bored sometimes at school but sometimes life is just boring. Well I had a nice talk with her teacher after school. She has about 5 kids in her class that could easily skip to 5th grade GG being one of them. She told me that GG would have no problems keeping up academically and socially as some of the others might. She said it is completely up to us as her parents. Like I said I never even thought about that being an option. So J and I talked and it was so great to know he was on the same page as me and keeping her where she is because that would mean she would have one less year to be home with us and one less year to be a kid. I think there are 2 kids skipping next year but like I always say, I'm not their parent. I think this is the best thing for GG and I think she was happy to know that she was going into 4th next year and not 5th. I feel there is no need to rush her childhood...maybe when Peanut is that age...just kidding.

GlamorGirl is writing a story and it is incredibly good writing. I won't write out the whole story as it has about 4 chapters but I will give you a little peek into her head and writing skills.

"Hey! Wait up" Johny called to Peter. Peter stopped. It was no use in trying to get away from 5-year old Johny now. Usually if Peter saw Johny coming and Johny didn't see him, he would run around the corner and hide. Or he would petal as fast as he can to get away before Johny spotted him. By this time Johny had caught up.

This is only a fraction of the story she has written! It has your interested piqued doesn't it?! Maybe one day her story will be a children's book...

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Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! She is a good writer. You guys have every reason to be so very proud of her.