Friday, June 26, 2009

Report cards are in!

I received GG and Monkey's report cards and the scores from their Iowa testing. So beware there is going to be some major proud mama bragging!!! I'll start with Monkey...he got one B+ and 7 A's. For all 4 quarters he only got 2 B's and the rest were A's. I would say that is a pretty successful 1st grade year. He did really good on his Iowa testing too. On the sheet of the Iowa scores there is a column that has the grade equivalent for their score in that area. He scored in 1st grade for two areas (which is what he is in) and 2nd grade is 7 areas, 3rd grade is 4 areas! I am so proud of him. He is the youngest in his grade and a boy which some people would say are two strikes against him but from his scores you can tell that he is doing great!

On to GG...this girl never ceases to amaze me. Her report card had nothing but A's and out of the 36 she had 20 A+'s. She isn't even home yet to know her grades either. Now on to her Iowa scores they are unreal, just to let you know. I'll do the same thing I did with Monkey's. She is at 3rd grade for 1 area, 4th grade for 2 areas, 5th grade for 8 areas, and 6th grade for 2 areas. She was in 2nd grade when she tested and she scored mostly 3 grades or more above!!! She is one smart little cookie I'm telling you. And not only is she smart but her teacher told me several times that she would help the kids in class that were struggling with different concepts. I am just so proud of both of my kids and their grades. But most of all for who they are and who they are turning into.

Just for Peanut and Red if you are reading this I love you too. You just aren't in school yet so I have no grades to report for you :)

***Must UPDATE!*** So over the last couple of weeks we have gained a new nonresident living in our house. She is J's younger sister who just graduated High School. Since she has moved in changed her address to ours we also received her report card in the mail along with our kids. She got all A's as well for the last quarter and had a very impressive report card the whole year to boot. We are so proud of her too! And yes, she was the anonymous comment!!! GO LIZ :)


sarahgrace said...

That is awesome! What a bunch of little smarties you have there!

Anonymous said...

excuse me but you got my grades too in the mail can you pleasr brag about those especially since im practically living with you now :)
but i'm so proud of brae and breckin. when i was stuffing report cards i was amazed!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh much better! i feel loved :)

Kristin said...

Nice job on the grades kids!

Krystyn said...

Yay for the good grades!

Adina said...

cool gang, all those brainiacs!