Monday, August 30, 2004

We got back from our vacation early this morning! We had so much fun spending time with friends. On Wednesday we left here at 1pm and got to WIU at 7pm. Long trip huh? Well this is what happened...we had a potty and gas break, then Monkey had to go potty so we pulled over on the side of the road and J held a bucket for him to pee in. Well that didn't work Monkey just kept telling J that "pee pee goes in the potty, daddy" Then we got about 10 miles and GlamorGirl took her sandals off and her feet smelled bad. So we stopped at Shopko to buy the kids some new shoes! It was an unplanned shopping trip :) Then we went to McDonalds for dinner and took it to the hospital so J could see old co-workers. Then to the Beech's house. The kids played and were absolutely wired. GG tells everyone that Ethan is her boyfriend and that she is going to marry him.

Thursday we got up and went to see our friend Julie who is pregnant with twins. She has a little girl Grace a little older than Monkey. Then we went to lunch at HyVee...don't ask. When we got back to the Beech's we got the kids ready to go swimming. Angie and her son Mason came over and went with us. The kids were exhausted from swimming and took naps when we got back. The rest of the day the kids played and didn't go to bed until 10pm.

Friday we went to playgroup while J went to his old department to see his teachers. The first thing GG said when we walked in the building for playgroup was, "I've never ever been here before." Donnice told her, "yes you have and I have plenty of pictures to prove it!" So she got out her pictures of playgroups and different activities. It was really fun to look through and see GG so little and with no hair. She had quite a few pictures of her and even some of Monkey. GlamorGirl also got bit on her arm. But other than that she had so much fun playing and seeing all of her old friends. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch with the kid's friends, Ethan, Gavin, Mason, Laura, and Noah. Yeah there was 7 kids and 4 adults! Then we went to Ted and Jo's house and it was non-stop talking for about 3 hours! They have a super nice house, I am so happy for them. Ted is a police officer for campus so he and J talked cop shop. Jo and I talked about anything and everything! We're girls:) Then that night we went to All U on the Mall on campus. We took the kids on the inflatable rides, trampoline thingy, got a caricature for each of them (Monkey was a soccer player and GlamorGirl was a ballerina princess ~ she couldn't make up her mind so the lady did both!) they got tattoos, and we got a family picture taken. Then we went to Subway with Ted and Jo for dinner. J went to the bars that night. We had a great time with the A's despite Jo needing to go to the hospital.

Saturday we visited my college friend Jill who had a baby in July and I didn't even know she was pregnant. Some friend I am right? She is coming up this way and was so glad that we got a hold of them because she wanted to see us when they came. I can't wait to show her our new house!!! Then we went to the hospital to see Joanna and bring her some flowers. It was nice because we got to see Sharie, the midwife that caught GG and Monkey. We went to Burger King for lunch and then to see Joe (J's friend) who lives in the dorm. That was actually kind of fun. It has been a long time since I have been in a room full of guys playing playstation. The kids had fun too. Then we went to the K's for the rest of the day.

Sunday we went to church and got to see all of those people! We hung out at the K's all day until it was time for the Mom's Night Out. We meet at Rocky's for dinner and then went to DQ. I can't even tell you how much fun that was. We were gone for 3 hours!!! J and Aaron went to Jason's house and the men played pool so they had fun too. The kids got to play with Ethan one more time before we left. I feel bad for the other husbands that were at home with the kids all by themselves. Oh well! Sunday night we left and that leaves us at today. We got home around 2am last night. So we are pretty tired today.

Today we really haven't done much but get groceries and get the house into order! And I think this post is already long enough...

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