Monday, September 18, 2006

Burst of Energy

I had the most motivation ever to go through all the kids clothes! It took me a little longer with Monkey's then I thought but he is 100% done! That is a great feeling. I took a break to feed the hungry crew and bathe them. Then GG and I dug into her clothes. I was not looking forward to doing her's because she has so many different clothes. She has dresses, tights, pants, shirts, skirts, and leotards. We are more then half way done with her clothes we had to stop because it was her bedtime. As much as I wanted to get the clothes completely done I want more to have a non-cranky girl in the morning! My goal for tomorrow is to get Red's done and then the coat closet is next. For some reason I do my spring cleaning in the fall, maybe it is because the kids are gone most of the day I can get the cleaning done, who knows.

In other news J and I went to the car dealership and checked out the new Versa. His car is getting old and might not last much longer. We say a prayer everytime we go to start it :) We didn't really like the car enough to buy it, especially new! We will probably get him a used car anyways, way cheaper and more affordable for our budget. We also did a lot of talking about adding on to our house. We go back and forth on if we should do it or not. We both love the location but dislike the layout of our property. Time will tell what happens.

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