Friday, September 22, 2006

Thank Heaven Its Friday!

We have dubbed Fridays MOVIE day. When Daddy goes to work the kids get to watch one movie. It is nice for me and them to be able to unwind after the week. They both got their homework done so we don't have to worry about that come Sunday night. Since they are watching the movie I thought I would get on here and post some pictures of our trip about 2 weeks ago. Better late then never, right?

My Babies!

Lovin' the slide

I see you!


Monkeying Around :)

Does this thing still work?

We don't want to pose, again!

GG took this of me and Amy

Fishin' with friends

Long lost friends

Still amazed we got this picture taken with 6 kids 5 years and under!

The Balloons are fillin' up

WOW, so cool!


The coolest picture I got of the balloons

Now don't forget these are just some of my favorites! I took lots of pictures on our trip and kept 90 of them because I really liked them, the beauty of a digital camera. I tried something new when posting so I hope this turned out ok. I guess we'll see once I publish it!!!!

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