Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Good Stuff!

Why is it that everytime I post, all the funny crazy blog worthy things happen afterwards? Well the kids and I went on a bike ride to the library and when we got home is when everything went down. Red took a can of pop out of the box, which was sitting on the floor. I asked him to hand it to me and I reached my hand out so he could hand it over. Well it made him mad that he couldn't keep it so he threw it on the floor. Yeah, pop can exploded and it was all over the place. Including me and all three kids. I managed to get the floor mopped up while the kids were eating dinner. I needed to give them baths because it was in Red's hair and the other kids just needed a bath. Monkey got in the tub and I took Red's diaper off, immediately he ran to the toilet trying to lift the lid and proceeded to pee on the toilet and carpet. I was excited though that he knew where to go when he had to pee even if he didn't get it in the toilet :) Then in the tub he went and almost unloaded a cup full of water on the floor. I got to him just in time! Craziness I tell you pure craziness. But it gave my friends a good laugh :)

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